Friday, March 14, 2014

Resources for Union R-XI Staff Development


Consuming - Phase 1 of Connecting

Subscribe to blogs/websites with a RSS reader, here are two options:

Email Subscriptions via newsletter, options:

Podcasts - For iPhone, iPad, and iTunes, some options:

Lurking - Phase 2 of Connecting

Definition of Lurking: “Lurking is a slang term for when an individual reads a message board without posting or engaging with the community. Lurking is sometimes encouraged by forum moderators as a way for new members to get a sense of the community and etiquette before participating. Lurking also may occur if a user simply wants to get some information without adding to the discussion.” via

Actually Connecting - Phase 3

Remember: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook - GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, then Ask.
14 quotes from the book -

Twitter - #MoEdchat 9pm Thursdays

Maximizing your PLN document -
Complete exhaustive list of hashtags -
When is a twitter chat happening -
Twitter 101 -

Facebook -

Other Connected Sites

Educators PLN -
Flipped Learning Network -
Kagan discussion board -

Google Plus

Beginners Guide -
LiveBinder for educators -
Tips for teachers -

  • Connected Classrooms
  • Digital Leadership
  • EdReach
  • Edcamp
  • Educational Leadership
  • Minecraft in Education
  • Google docs and drive
  • Google Apps
  • Connected Learning
  • Discovery Education
  • EdcampSTL


How to use it for educators -
Tips for teachers -
Using for education -

Events - for a little Face-to-Face (F2F)

3/29 ShareFair -

Things I'm excited about trying

Who are the 5 people that do your job better than you? Connect with them.

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