Monday, October 25, 2010

A blog of blogs

This is a guest post from 4 of my current 6th grade students: 
By: Gabi, Katie, Bridget and Alison

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website made usually by an individual that shows what they did that day, pictures, videos, or other information. The people that have a blog and keep it updated are called bloggers. You usually must be 13 or older to have a blog.

What is good and bad about blogs?

The good thing about blogs is you can share things with your friends and family. The bad thing is strangers might find out information about you and use that information against you. 

How do you use a blog? 

First determine your blogging goals and chart out a path towards achieving them. Second, if you want to use your name decide whether or not to have your blog be private. Third, pick your blogging website. One option might be blogger. Fourth, you need a username and password. Sometimes you will have a choice for templates.

What are blogs?

Journalists can post updates to breaking news. They can also be used as an online diary. People can make money by advertising a product on their blog. Others vent their opinions on tons of things.

Here's a wordle we made about blogs:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prezi and 6th graders

"You are doing what?"  a fellow teacher said.

I replied, "I'm sick of seeing kids do the same thing over and over again, pages, appleworks, word, powerpoint, keynote, they need to do something different."

"Good luck."  a fellow teacher replied.

Then I took my reading class to the computer lab and started teaching them Prezi.

If you aren't using Prezi, I understand, It's hard, It's visually difficult to understand, it's more work, but gosh darn it, it's different and it's cool.

There is something to be said for cloud computing, no flash drives, no logging onto a school server, just saved to an email address.  Gotta love it.  How do kids turn it in?  No printing, no dragging, just e-mail me the link, and you only have to do it once.

"I'll e-mail it to you now, but if I make it better, do I have to e-mail you again?" a student asked.

My reply, "Nope, all you do is work until you think you are finished and let me know.  I'll look at it then."  Kids reply, "Cool!"

We looked at some sample Prezi's, we looked at one I made, critiqued it (show-offs!) watched a few "how to" videos, and started playing.

Day 1 - Played
Day 2 - Added information about their author, e-mailed me the link
Day 3 - Added images
Day 4 - Created the path and added fun stuff
Day 5 - wrapped up and shared with the class, the kids loved it.

Even though there were some bumps in the road (who knew Prezi and firefox wouldn't get along, had to use safari) the kids were really proud of what they did.

Check them out!

Resources I used to "teach" Prezi

What is Prezi? - a Youtube video

Tutorial - a Youtube video

6th grade reading strategies

Students in my 6th grade reading strategies class are commenting below, read what they wrote about the age of technology in the classroom.

Special thanks to for the infographic for discussion purposes.

Technology in the Classroom
Via: Online Colleges and Universities