Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Countdown to Edcamp

Interviewer: Where have you been why have you not been posting?

Me: Well you see, I've been doing a few things here and there.  Mostly innovating my classroom with flip teaching, standards-based grading and personalized learning plans. Oh, and I'm helping to organize a little thing called EdcampSTL.

Interviewer: What is EdcampSTL?

The edcamp concept is based on the unconference format where the participants drive the learning based on their passions and interests throughout the day. Upon arrival, each of you will be able to sign up to facilitate a session of your choosing or choose to be a participant in a session. There will be ten choices for each of the four sessions, and if at any time, you want to start a new conversation, it is just a matter of finding a few chairs, a few friends, and the learning begins again.  Undoubtedly, you will leave the day with new knowledge, new connections, and new energy about the possibility of educational innovation. We will start at 8 a.m. and finish before 4 p.m. The idea is fast and furious learning with an expanded learning network.

Interviewer: Sounds easy, How hard could that be?  You mean, you don't organize any of the speakers or anything?

Me: No.  It's all grassroots, so I just help provide the forum.

Interviewer: Man. So, basically you just open the doors, hope people show up, and that's it.

Me: There's a lot more to it than that.  In fact, I'm working off this list right now....

A month before Edcamp
  • Follow up with building principal
  • Follow up with donations
  • Create work order for tables and chairs, go through details with head custodian
  • Create training opportunity for student council representatives to act as greeter/ushers
  • Ensure building access and alarm codes

A week before Edcamp

  • Organize donations
  • Copy map of building
  • E-mail staff regarding the use of the building and their rooms
  • Make signs for Wi-Fi passwords and instructions
  • Make signs for rooms presentation/collaboration (USE SPONSOR LOGOS)
  • Find these supplies
    • Dry erase markers for every room
    • Post-it notes for student center (is this for the board?)
    • Extension cords for every room
    • Powerstrips for every room
    • Table cloths?
    • Name tags for tweetup, event, happy hour
    • Sharpies
  • Who do I call if there is a WIFI Emergency? _________________________________
  • Who do I call if there is a Fire Emergency? pull the alarm
  • Who do I call if there is a Medical Emergency? 911
  • Who do I call if there’s a custodial Emergency? ________________________________
  • Who do I call if there is an Emergency? _________________________________
  • Start gDoc with everyone’s name/ school/email/twitter, etc
  • Ensure heating work order went through
  • Make sure “Things You Can't Do in School With Kids in the Building” activity is set up
    • Determine activities
    • Determine materials
      • 8 markers
      • 8 people needed
    • Determine spaces
    • Make signage
  • Who’s running check in? _________________________________
  • Who’s setting up breakfast? __________________________________
  • Who’s cleaning up breakfast? __________________________________
  • Who’s running LATE check in? _________________________________
  • Who’s setting up lunch? __________________________________
  • Who’s cleaning up lunch? __________________________________
  • Acquire projector and laptop for tweets
  • Write welcome talking points
    • Sponsors
    • Signage
    • Wifi
    • phone numbers
    • from the rooms
    • Presentation rooms
    • Gathering rooms
    • leave the school better than you found it
  • Find out how to work the intercom
  • Make box for FORMS: Things You Can't Do in School With Kids in the Building

The night before Edcamp
  • Make boards for entrance and directions and set it up
  • Check Wi-Fi
  • Get microphones for N.Gym
  • Have signs up for Wi-Fi passwords and instructions
  • Mark rooms with signs that will hold sessions
  • Walk through and check out the technology hook ups, projectors, etc.
  • Set up post it board
  • Set up projector and white wall
  • Coolers? Ice?**
  • Ensure spaces have supplied we need
    • Dry erase markers
    • Post-it notes
    • Extension cords
    • Powerstrips
    • Table cloths?
    • Name tags
  • Create post edcamp survey...possible question include
    • What did you think of the physical location?
    • What did you think of the date of the event?
    • What did you think of the length of the sessions?
    • How did you first hear about this EdCamp?
    • Do you have any suggestions for publicizing the event next year?
    • What was your favorite part about the day?
    • What do you think could be improved upon for next year?
    • Would you be interested in being on the organizing committee for next year’s EdCamp?
  • Bring sharpies and name tags to TWEET-UP
  • Ensure breakfast room set up
  • Ensure welcome table is set up
    • make sure there are enough name tags and sharpies
    • Print check off sheet from MLP and eventbrite
  • Set up electronic sign outside of building.
  • Take a before picture of every room.

Morning of edcamp
  • Check list with names or Eventbrite Ipad/iphone App
  • Ice down drinks
  • ASSIGN Greeters
  • Check Wifi

During Edcamp
  • Who’s running check in? _________________________________
  • Who’s setting up breakfast? __________________________________
  • Who’s cleaning up breakfast? __________________________________
  • Who’s running LATE check in? _________________________________
  • Who’s setting up lunch? __________________________________
  • Who’s cleaning up lunch? __________________________________
  • Take lots of pictures
  • update wiki often
  • ensure a record of the days events OUTSIDE of twitter
  • Who/Where will collect “Things You Can't Do in School With Kids in the Building” FORMS for prizes
  • Set up table in gym with giveaways and prizes

After Edcamp
  • Empty trash in every room
  • Shut down computers in every room
  • Room set up okay?
  • take down all signage
  • Send follow-up thank you e-mail
  • Send e-mail thank you to all sponsors.
  • write a post event report
  • compile all resources by going through twitter stream
  • Send out survey
Interviewer: Oh, so you are busy.

Me: Oh, and I graduated with my doctorate. So, yea, a little busy, but I have great help.... Are you coming to EdcampSTL?

Interviewer: I am now.

Me: See you there!