Friday, April 9, 2010

Cuts, Cuts and more Cuts

As I was sitting last night in my doctoral cohort we were discussing the necessary evil of Riffing teachers and making cuts. I began to wonder if there is a better way to handle these situations. Everywhere I've worked I have seen staffing changes made through "bottom line thinking." Are these thinking models best for kids? No, not any time! Is it a necessary part of our job as educational leaders? Yes, and not a fun one at that! I think the art behind this is understanding how to make a cut in staff or in budget that has the least impact on student learning and achievement.

When we see professional athletes talk about the business side of playing football or any other sport, I often think of the business side of education. We don't spend much time in conferences and professional development finding new ways to keep teachers and creating creative budgeting because these topics aren't sexy and don't sell books. Where I am in my career I certainly don't have all the answers, but I'd love to be a part of the conversation.

The Fun Section: About an UnFun Topic:
Thinking about that I have some book ideas if anyone wants to write about these topics:
School Budgets that work, The Art and Science of Keeping Teachers, Budgeting by Design, Too Wong Foo - the Budget and You, Bottom Line thinking: Is you crazy? (that topic still in development :-)), 50 ways to improve administrative behavior, The ultimate school leader, How to budget for learning.....and so on...

A video from about California's budget cuts.

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