Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 10 resources for 6/2/11

I missed a week of posting with the shutting down of school for the summer.  I got carried away with the packing of stuff to move my classroom and totally lost track of posting.  With that, it's summer time and the focus has shifted.  

A question to consider for summer.  How do you keep the learning and sharing momentum without built in colleagues you see every day?

Top 10 resources

10. Open letter to teachers
9. Inside the google teacher academy from Sydney
8. Collect videos and build playlists
7. I love this comments to this post.  Filters in school, meh
6. Netspeak - when you are searching for that word you are missing

5. Webdoc looks like a very cool and useful resource for student and classroom blogging
4.  (should have made this number 1 for all my scientists out there) Science on the Simpsons

3. Increase student achievement, have students help make your lesson relevant

2. 20 Web 2.0 tools for teachers
1. Homework, except in math, a complete waste of time (Made me say WOW!)

Videos of the week

7 videos that WILL ignite discussion

Sixty Symbols – Videos about physics and astronomy

Project Based Learning explained:

Larry Smith wants to know your story. Since 2006, Smith has undertaken the Six-Word Memoir Project inviting his Smith Magazine readers to tell their live stories in just six words.  There are some really inspiration thoughts here
Changing classroom relationships:  A great resource for all grade levels...

How do you model? Great video that addresses the core of learning success.  Ask yourself, what would you say, what would your students say.

GREAT SUMMER PD! 30 goals challenge for educators by the great Shelly Terell

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