Sunday, December 16, 2012

What am I to do?

In the wake of the Newtown shootings I've been in a state of unrest.  Much like the rest of the educators in the world I'm sure.  

Today's homily at my church (link coming soon) gave me focus.  The topic being, "What is mine to do?"

In light of the recent upheaval I feel it's time to think, reflect and refocus.  What am I to do in light of such a horrific tragedy?

I am to:

  • cherish every moment with ever student. Especially the tough moments.

  • care deeply about ever student. Go beyond the surface.

  • provide the best opportunity, using the talents I am given, to learn, grow, and share.

  • provide safety and security at all times.

  • provide a shoulder to lean on when a student or colleague needs it.

  • leave every day having done everything I can for every person I meet.

  • meet every day with a "YES!" and provide that same answer when asked if I can help.

  • build strong relationships with students.

  • build strong relationships with parents.

  • realize the curriculum is important, but more important is the time I spend with each of my students and colleagues.

  • ensure that my classroom is a place where teachers/students can take risks, learn from mistakes, and develop their passion.

  • share my passion with my students and colleagues.

  • approach life with love, everyday.

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