Saturday, March 27, 2010

Interesting Research on Motivation and Sleep

Ashley Merryman’s and Po Bronson's book called NutureShock has interesting information on parenting and the effects of praise and rewards on kids. I haven't read the book yet. It's on my list now (Thank you Andrew!) but here is one author's presentation at Poptech! (

Some great insights from her presentation:

- Kids praised for effort tried harder problems.

- One sentence of praise different changed the outcome of performance and improvement.

- 85% of parent believe its important to praise intelligence.

- Self esteem is the most important part of the persons being....oops, maybe it isn't!

- Realizing that boosting self esteem may not have any effect on intelligence, in fact it may hurt!

- "When you tell someone you are innately great there is no need to improve."

- Missing the kick, it's not about self esteem it's no longer about trust it's more about the effort.


- 60% of high school students suffer from sleep depravation.

- 5% of high school seniors get 8 hours of sleep, they should have about 9 hours of sleep.

- 6th graders who lost an average 30 minutes of sleep a night scored cognitively like 4th graders.

- A students get 15 minutes more sleep than B students, who get 15 more minutes of sleep than C students.

- Sleep affects college students too!

- Teen rebellion and moodiness could all be sleep depravation!

- Sleep is a health issue.

Sometime improving kids lives and making life easier, maybe getting a little more sleep could be the answer.

If you like this information check out Caroline Dweck's book mindset:

Also check out information on sleep depravation and it's effect on our students:

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