Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's food revolution debuted this past week.

Some of the items he showed were just appalling and to think we serve these food items every day in schools across the country. What can we do about it? Well, not much if you are just going to read my blog! What you should do is at least join the movement and sign his petition online: We want (dare I say need) to see this show succeed.

Why? Because at least we can make a difference in our school where students spend 180 days of the year eating 1 to 2 meals.

Let's face it, we have a problem in our schools across the country there is something wrong with chicken rings, pork patties and pizza every day of the school year. We are taking dramatic steps forward in our schools to provide healthy options. I think we have two options here:
1. Educate our youth on making healthy choices.
2. No longer provide unhealthy options.

OOOOOHHHHH that's scary and unpopular to say but this show fired me up. I hate being the one to identify the problem without providing the solution but I'm not ready to understand how to make this change. I think this is one solution. Can you think of another way to help? Comment away I'm ready to learn how to help!

Check it out online at:

Jamie's Award winning presentation to TED:

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