Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 10 list for the week of 3/18/11

The Top 10 list for this week:

10.  Why Formative assessments matter

9.  Tying incentives to student performance for teachers.  What’s the evidence say?
(also watch the movie Freakanomics)

8.  Lyn (@L_Hilt) is an AMAZING principal, I’ve mentioned her here a number of times.  I love her thoughts on where we are in education and the homework section really gives me thoughts to chew on

7.  Don’t have a Twitter account, but want to "SPY" in on what’s being said.  Check this out...
go here Type in #edchat or #edtech
watch it load and enjoy the resources...

6.  Free assistive reading tools.  This is pretty cool and a great set of resources for writing, reading, and more

5.  This looks like an awesome resource from the most gifted tech person down to the person who needs help using word/pages.  Check it out

4.,,, Lino it ( which one is the best...dunno, I like them all!

3.  Can you flip your classroom.  It’s all the rage now for 21st Cenetury learners

2.  THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL!!! Making an interactive lesson using YOUTUBE

1.  Yep! Google WILL do that.  Great presentation on the google tools

Videos of the week

3 who lead, learn and think – 3 great videos…

Pay attention – our students are changing to digital learners…

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