Friday, April 22, 2011

TOP 10 resource found this week 4/22

What an amazing and very busy week.  Two huge committee meetings, class and students shooting off rockets all day at school, HUZZAH!

Here's our rocket launch as we are studying Newton's laws:

Here's the Top 10 for this week!

10. 20 best websites to download FREE books

9. 100 digital storytelling tools for just about anyone

8. Google Doc secrets

7. Free online TV

6. I love this...Spell with flickr

5. Teaching to the text message - cool idea!

4. Ranked TED talks by enegagement

3. Wordlings seems to be the newest word cloud generator.  I still like tagxedo the best though...

2. Feeling like you need a little sarcasm in your life.  This is perfect, let me google that for you...

1. Does homework improve learning?  Read this!

Videos of the week

"Infowhelm" and information Fluency

The future of media

The world is obsessed with Facebook

Problem Based learning.  Haven’t heard of many people using this but I get it...

150+ Online video tools and resources.  I know it's not really a video, but it has so many video resources.

31 jokes for Nerds - hehehe..I lol'D on this one.

This last one will catch your attention:

Would you ever get rid of grades?  Before you gasp for air and freak out watch this video from a colleague @joebower and then comment...

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