Friday, April 29, 2011

Top 10 list for 4/29/11

Top 10 List

10. Impress your friends with Educational Jargon Generator

9. A school district’s stand on homework.  Fascinating take and very revolutionary.  What’s your reaction?

8. TEACHING SECRETS:  Get back in touch with your inner Middle Schooler...

7. Cool web 2.0 tools for schools - What a GREAT resource!

6. In thinking about parenting, filtering and our online life

5. 101 Friday Puzzles great for problem solving and critical thinking

4.  Study blue.  A very neat resource for creating resources for students.  There’s also an app for that!

3. 16 things I wish they had taught me in school, I’m especially fond of number 10.

2. What does “Being a great teacher” mean to you?  Great post

1. How to make the PERFECT cup of coffee

Great videos for this week!

Mark Sandborn, great author from Fred factor says why you don’t need a title to lead

How to subscribe to things using your google reader

The “net generation” as learners

Learnitin5 is awesome!  Video on the value of feedback

The Flipped classroom:  I’ve been doing this for years, didn’t think it was revolutionary, just more efficient.  Now it’s revolutionary.

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