Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 10 list for 5/6/11

Top 10 list

10.  Social media doesn’t cause bullying, it catches it

9.  Class size matters ONLY when the teacher does everything.

8. SH*T my students write.  Man, I had this idea years ago and should have pounced:

7.  The history of the flipped classroom

6.  A GREAT article in the American Prospect:  The test Generation

5.  5 simple web apps to save you time at work

4.  Tuesday Night’s edchat was on Web 2.0 tools.  Compiled from around the world here are some resources and how teachers are using them

3.  Innovate my class.  Grant writing process to get what you need to do that idea you’ve been thinking about.  Now what’s your excise for not innovating your instruction?  Quit saying “If only...”

2.  This stings a little...7 solutions for teachers who want 21st century students

1.  Want to be a GREAT teacher, don’t go to Professional Development!  Got your interest, read this:

Videos of the week

Love this video:  Google docs through the eyes of a student:

Aren’t we BORN to learn.  Think about this video as you line your desks up in rows and set up your classroom procedures.  Fascinating!  How does work and play in your room look?

RSA ANIMATE - Changing education paradigms from Sir Ken Robinson.  REVOLUTIONARY Ideas!

Great info for ALL students.  How to prevent a printing nightmare 

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