Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top 10 resources for 5/13/11

10. Museum of mathematics, SWEEET!

9. 5 fastest ways to improve your teaching

8. 4 mistakes educators make when integrating technology

7. 40 awesome sites to improve your skills

6. Why I flipteach!  A great post in the wall street journal

5. Surprise, Surprise, working in pairs, actually good!

4. Google Template for Student projects

3. 8 ways to support teachers to integrate technology

2. Mindsets and the end of the year slump

1. 32 ways to use google apps in the classroom

VIDEOS of the week

Two more TED-like sites for your motivational and big thinking pleasure

education is broken

Search, browse, check out various tutorials on how to do stuff on your computer or iOs.

Diane Ravitch on our own education system

Star Wars and Blooms taxonomy

Radiolab presents symmetry

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