Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fooling: Top 10 list for 4/1/11

BONUS - April Fool's resources:

Ning of resources

Top 100 April Fool's jokes of all time

Spaghetti Harvest

Gmail Motion

Top 10 Resources of the week! No Fooling here!

10. Pretty overwhelming and pretty amazing at the same time. Links and images organized by topic or theme.  Pretty cool!  You can set up an account, make this your homepage, personalize the “MyFaves” section and get almost anywhere you need to go.

9.  Great guy, Great resources, Great site, Don’t know what else to say

8.  QR codes in education.  More than you every thought was imaginable

How it’s used in advertising and marketing:

7.  Sick of all the distractions on You tube, give silenttube a try...

6.  Is twitter a two way street?  My PLN would say so, Freakonomics, says NO!

5.  Good blog post on “why you aren’t as successful as you want to be.”  I like some of the ideas here.  I often get lost in the to do list and miss out on focusing on my goals or personal vision.

4.  Bounce – seems to be a cool way to annotate over a website and share it with students

3.  8 Quick online word games

2.  Risk taking in the classroom is always an interesting topic of discussion.  Standardization, data-based and research-based decisions and actions often stifle the creativity and passion of educators.  Every once in a while it’s okay to not be “research based”

1.  Math teachers and dorks like me will LOVE this.  Enter a number and it’ll tall you everything you every wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask

Top Videos of the week:

Let’s use video to reinvent education.

This video inspired me to FLIP my classroom.  What does it mean to "FLIP" your classroom.  I no longer give notes/lecture/have students write things down during class.  Class is time to investigate, try things out and make mistakes while I'm there to  provide guidance.
Resources on Flip Teaching:
University of Northern Colorado:

I love Seth Godin, I love education, I love this video

Okay seriously,  Dan Meyer is the SICKEST (as in he is very good) educator I know.  I wish I had half the talent and skill he does.  You’ll see why here:

ADE Application Video — Dan Meyer from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

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