Friday, February 11, 2011

5 for Friday 2/11/11

Editorial section:
Two schools:  Which on builds a better bully?

Bullying seems to be a right of passage for middle schools.  After reading this post I wonder if it's not the system that is set up to create the culture for bullying.  Is there a way to change the culture of middle schools?

I'm not sure there are many answers here but maybe a few insights on things we can all do differently to help promote, ensure, and support a safe environment.

My takeaways from the article:
1.  Bullying comes from an unbalance of power.
2.  Limiting bullying behavior is the task of the adults and it is what the adults do more than what they say that matters.

Top 5 resources this week:

I read once that good teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 theater.  That makes me think of this resource:  100 free tools to make your teaching more entertaining

A tad bit overwhelming but a great list: 157 of the most useful sites on the internet

(do nothing for two minutes) Bet you can’t…I reached for my phone…so I failed…

Been seeing some challenging grading practices over the last year.  Wondering if a grading discussion is something people would be willing to take part in…here are some of the best resources on grading out there:

Free Google Webinars:  Learn about all the neat and cool features specifically for education.  Gmail Ninja, and Advanced form are a few of my favorites!

Blog subscription alert - I just added this blog this week and am a little overwhelmed about how awesome it is.  If you have a readers I suggest you add it.

Video of the week:
This EYE OPENING video takes a dramatic look at the inequalities and fascinating statistics as to what’s wrong with boys in school, or better yet, what’s wrong with school FOR boys.

Bully image:

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