Friday, February 4, 2011

5 for Friday 2/4/11

2 snow days, unprecedented!

Here's what I found inspiring my brain to use more technology this week:

The 5

Google sketch-up - I was recommended this resource for building 3D models of structures.  As we are embarking on the wiring project this resource couldn't be more timely.  I'm excited to try it out with a group of kids which will be sure to inspire a blog post.
How I'm using it:
For what project: 

In my search to continue to ask “Ungoogleable” questions in the classroom I am struck by the blog post.  I know I’m often influencing the questions and answers students given, but how do I stop?

Ever have a bunch of websites you want kids to go to, ever wanted to make that process easier? Ever wanted to lost 10 pounds?  Well, this resource won’t help with the pounds but the websites it can help with!

Weekly Core subject resources:  This is awesome!  You can check out web-based resources for your specific content or be nosy and check out other core content resources.  Very cool!

Poster Projects
All too often in our educational career we make a presentation using posterboard, markers, and glitter glue.  There’s a cooler way to do that now.  There are two great resources to check out
1.posterous - Simple, clean, easy, kinda boring but it works
2.Glogster - Rich, exotic, able to embed pictures, videos, exciting, but more difficult to use.

Video of the week

Life after: Death By Powerpoint
  A great video to remind us about how to present to 21st century students (and teachers).  If you've seen this before watch it again.  It will remind you of that last presentation you were in and hopefully motivate you to say, "That's won't be me doing that."  I sat in class last night and chucked to myself as my professor read every word on every slide.  Ah, education makes me smile.

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