Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 for Friday 2/18/11

Being sick this week has really thrown off my whole routine.  I am going to rely on a few key things this week that  most likely caught my eye in the past but haven't been pressing enough to forward on to you.  My reader is up over 1000 and I need this four day weekend to catch up.  I'll promise next week's top 5 will be more timely, darn strep throat.

The 5 for this week:

Billed as "Freestyle blogging," MAGNOTO is more of a glogster meets blogging, meets tumblr, meets…I don't know what.  It looks cool, kids would like it, it's free, but seems a little clunky for me…

Convert just about anything with the free online converter.  I keep putting in monopoly money buy it can't convert it to real money….

I've been seeking new ways to "give homework" when needed and this is a pretty cool look at homework through technology.

Might be the most effective waste of time I’ve ever seen….although a little creepy.
Just start talking to the bot and it will intelligently reply…most of the time..

There's nothing new in this world.  First Kanye West, now this…Having writers block?  Don’t know what to put on a blog or a student is having trouble writing about a concept.  Remind them that EVERYTHING’S a REMIX.

My presentation on "Best Practices in Social Networking" ~ how students, teachers and administrators use such things as Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. Creating a social network to increase student engagement, share resources, and grow professionally FROM the recent METC conference

Video of the week:
Jay McTight on the challenge of learning something new - Awesome video.

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  1. I just checked out Magnoto. "Clunky" seems like a good word for now. I don't love that it has ad banners and no .edu version either. Seems like one of those tools that may need some time to grow into itself. Thanks for introducing me to something new. :)