Friday, February 25, 2011

5 for Friday 2/25/11

5 For Friday resources

Kerpoof looks to be a cool tool to help students become AWESOME artists
You can also check out this HOW TO video to learn more about it:
(Thank you Ms. Freeman!)

I love this!  10 things I wish I never learned about teaching…so true!

10 ways to think differently about teaching and learning

I’ve been doing this for years, now it’s revolutionary…huh, maybe my style of teaching will only become cool after I'm dead like most artists…just say'n

Cool presentation as we reconsider what it means to have “gifted” education and differentiation.  Check out the schoolwide enrichment model.


New to google?  Check this out to learn about new google products and how people use them...

Video of the week
Magnolia High School – firework…  What would the school climate be like before and after making such a cool video?

Mad props to my colleague @gregkulowiec and his efforts on his Lip Dub.  Can't wait to see what he comes up with: His blog post: & local paper

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