Friday, January 28, 2011

5 for Friday 1/28/11

A sick day for me this week caused me to be a day behind on scouring the internet for great resources.  It didn't seem to matter though because what I found over the next four days really made up for that missed day.  Google seems to have been pushing out a lot this week they made the list a number of times.

As an aside Google launched Google for education and google apps for education, I'll let you discover how that may impact you since I'm still searching and sifting through these items...

Check out the 5 best resources of the week here:

Google Forms are RIDICULOUS if you aren’t using them, why not?  Here are 62 ways to use google forms….

11 Ways Schools Can Be Relevant, Compelling and Effective in the Coming Transformational Years (how are we positioning ourselves, our classrooms and our schools in order to meet these new demands?)

Be a BIG thinker here….7 fascinating Education Ideas of the year

100 Google Search Tricks for the Savviest of students (and teachers) - there are MANY things I didn't know here, glad I found this….I wish I had this as a poster in the computer lab...

A couple weeks ago I attended the 2011 Reform Symposium.  It was a educational reform webinar series hosted entirely online.  You can still search twitter for all of the "tweets" about it using hashtag #rscon11.  Archives for the symposium are found on the link below.  Some awesome resources here, check them out, you can attend the whole conference on your own time.

Your Video(s) of the week

Great blog post: 7 Videos ALL teachers should watch, I tend to agree.  One of my friends is giving a professional development session on these 7 videos today.  I'm excited to see his blog post after his teachers watch and discuss them.

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