Monday, January 17, 2011

Teaching the "Jung"

I'm reading The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner and was struck by this passage on page 205 (great synopsis here):

Michael Jung believes there are only three reasons why people work or learn (in summary):

1.  Push - a need, threat, or risk which is the less credible motivating force why students learn.  I often hear teachers (sometimes me) saying, "You need to learn this for the test," or "Do your homework or else."

2.  Transfer of habits - habits shaped by social norms and traditional routines.  Think chivalry and saying please and thank you.

3.  Pull - learning because of interest, desire, or passion.

This made me think, in the age of Standards, Objectives, Understanding by Design, Standardized Assessments, etc.:  How can we design classrooms to allow kids to PULL instead of us always pushing content in the classroom?

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