Friday, January 21, 2011

5 for Friday 1/21/11

Snow days, shortened schedules, missed doctoral classes.  You'd think we've never seen snow before.

Here's what I ran across this week.  The 5 best resources out there:

Your 5 best resource I ran across this week:

Livebinders:  Is this the new way students could be (OR should be) completing and compiling  work?

Free online searchable database of already made rubrics (light shines down from heaven and angels sing).  Sweet!  Even a great place to make your own rubric.

PuzzleFast is a great site for making different types of puzzles (word, crossword, etc).

What do you think about homework?  Here’s what kids think…  I might be at a point where I'm over assigning homework, I might want kids to start deciding what they need to do.

11 New Math resources for 2011

Your video of the week

What is Project-Based Learning?  It's the new hot trend in education.  This is well put together!
Is this the future of education?  How does this pair with Standards-Based Grading?

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