Friday, March 11, 2011

5 for Friday (DOUBLE EDITION) 3/11/11

This week was a slow week for me, I really didn't get a chance to interact much online but managed to read a few things that would be helpful to some. Check out the list for this week

Top 5 (times 2!)

The networked educational leader – This is a great presentation from an AWESOME principal in Canada.  Great guy always willing to help, follow him on twitter at @gcouros

100 great TECH talks for educators.  Love, love, love this...

Cool website to get all the cool characters on your documents just by copying and pasting

Do you teach Bloom’s taxonomy?  Do you want to?  If so this is a great resource to get kids to understand question types and with it, answer types…

Top 100 tools for twittering teachers (if you don't tweet, why not!)

25 tech tips for not techies - This might not be for you but might be a great resource for someone you know!

Thank you Google!  Did you know under Google’s advanced search you can now select reading levels of search results.  SWEET!

Online plagiarism checker - BUSTED!

Ooh, challenging – 10 things you might need to change.

If I could change my classroom into any classroom it would be this one…

Videos of the week:

Anti-creativity checklist – Be careful when you start saying some of this…

My Anti-Creativity Checklist from Youngme Moon on Vimeo.

Awesome educators teaching you about Wordle, Prezi, Voicethread and more (great videos to see before our PD day in April)

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