Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top 10 List for week of 3/25/11

Here are the TOP 10 topics, thoughts, links and blog posts I found this past week (during spring break) ENJOY!

10. I posted this list for my students, some really great free resources here: Free resources for the 2.0 student
9.  Need a web 2.0 tool but can't sem to find the one you want, here's a great resource for choosing: Web 2.0 for the classroom teacher
8. Livebinders are cool, here's some tips and tricks for organizing yours: Livebinders tips and tricks

7. Box of tricks, easy explanations of web 2.0 tools.
6.  I gave a quiz, I graded it, gave t back to the student....Now what? The importance of Formative assessments
5.  21st century learners need 21st century teachers.  I accept the challenge

4.  Have you ever wondered how you could use Evernote in your classroom.  Now here’s a great resource to tell you how.  Perfect!

3.  Merit pay, assessment improvement here's a white paper on Teacher incentives and student achievement evidence from New York city public schools...huh, makes you think.

2.  Get to the point: Teaching to the TEXT message
1.  Most RTs this week: 5 reasons to integrate technology into your classroom.  Typical argument and even better reasons for it...

Top Videos of the Week

Sir Ken Robinson on Learning without frontiers.

“I am” a new exciting documentary that is going to cause the SHIFT to hit the fan

Integrating Online resources into your teaching

Education is changing to world of work

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