Wednesday, December 1, 2010

6th graders and

I have been teaching "note taking" as my reading strategy this week and was seeking a way to get kids to collaboratively take notes.  After much debate and consideration I decided to use  We have already used googledocs so much I felt it was time to show students what else is out there....

This lesson was so much fun for the kids and me.  We had a blast, the room was completely silent with intermiten bursts of laughter.  Every kid was engaged and was BY FAR the best lesson.  I often get scared that something won't work or that kids won't like it, it all worked out, kids loved it, they had fun and they practiced a new skill.  We will finish the products on Friday.

Lesson Plan

  1. Teach note taking as a skill by completing lesson 43 in the daybook activity.
  2. Give feedback on lesson 43.
  3. Teach note taking in the content area by giving them a section of a textbook and asking them to write a two column response. (How to)
  4. Give feedback on determining supporting detail to a concept.
  5. Have students read an article and publicly organize their thoughts on what they feel is important.

Set Up

  1. Copies of Lesson 43 in daybook.
  2. Copies of content area textbook (I used two pages from my science textbook from Prentice Hall)
  3. Copies of article to read and take notes on
  4. Reserve the mobil lab
  5. limit number of students per document to increase collaboration (see image below)

Evidence of student work

Go to the following links see what they did, or watch my screencast below: (Directions and scoring guide for the activity located on the document.) 9Ubzoia7YE FcRtEOCOoY Idx0KajBdg TNXdyLVRYr

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I am working with some teachers and sharing, they are not ready to jump in to technology collaboration and worry a bot the management...I loved that I could see your management of the project along with the student work.