Friday, December 3, 2010

5 for Friday 12/3/10

What I found this week on Twitter and through my google reader:

I'm starting out the next couple "5 for Friday's" with a couple interesting statements from Lyn Hilt's blog, if you want to read ahead the complete list is here: I though it'd be nice to pull them out individually and focus on one or two at a time.

Lyn's thoughts: I use to think, Now I know…

I used to think students should sit in rows. (Made it harder for them to chit chat while I was imparting wisdom on them.) Now I know they should sit…stand…hang…together. (Makes it easier for them to talk and learn from one another.)

I used to think I needed to cite standards in my lesson plans. (This handy-dandy cheat sheet will help me quickly identify standard 2.1!) Now I know we should evaluate the standards, using them to guide instruction, yet allow students to pursue their passions. (What does this learning mean for you, children?)

Your 5:

In praise of the right praise: STOP saying “You’re Smart!” (This is STILL really hard for me.)

Top searches of 2010 - Some of these are just sad...

Where do good ideas come from, and How can we create an environment to promote good/bad/innovative ideas? (yes I said promote bad ideas…You have to be able to promote the bad ones to be able to discuss the ramifications/results of poor decisions, hence learning)

3 ways to mix/mash-up and cut You tube videos

This is a great site that is basically a giant FAQ database on everything tech. There are topics on the Internet, Hardware, Files and Sharing, Email, Images, Chat and Classroom Management. When you choose your topic there is a list of common questions that teachers or other tech users might ask.

Video of the week:
The The impotence of Proof reading - By the AMAZING Taylor Mali

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