Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is the next chapter for edcuation?

Today I had the opportunity to watch Bill Rankin's discussion on the next page of education:

My takeaways:

Amazing technological changes don't do a thing to culture.
  • The problem with education is us...
  • "We use to do it this way, now we'll do it a slightly different way..."
  • We've seen the enemy and it is us.  
  • I want to see my students learn more, then in-turn don't I need to learn more?
  • Letting other people move ahead gives us an excuse to not to.

We cannot focus on the technology without focusing on the culture.

  • It's time for everyone to be involved.
  • All contributions are important.
  • New technologies allow us to localize education.

SHIFT in education must move the students to the center:

  • Customizing education to fit YOUR needs.
  • Getting the tool "I" need means we cannot have a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • When will we realize we are teachers first and content specialists second?

  • How are we ALL connected?  Why aren't we capitalizing on it?
  • Increasing anytime and anywhere learning.
  • How long until the tools become invisible?
  • The days with the single teacher in front of the class with the book has passed.
  • Teachers are becoming CO-LEARNERS.
  • How can kids get prepared outside of class to go in-depth inside of class.
  • Every child needs to have THEIR OWN personal device.
We are at the beginning of the SHIFT to ubiquity of access.  

  • We are heading to a mobile environment.
  • Kids are significantly ahead of us as teachers. (we often get in their way)
  • Kids have games and life apps on their mobile device.  We are missing the opportunity to design GREAT apps to engage students in learning.
Instead of letting technology influence the classroom, let's think about what we want our classroom to look like.  

  • Keep the outcomes in mind!
  • Technology is focused and supportive to the goal.
  • Funding is an issue.  You've got to "bring your own."
  • Assessments need to be embedded.
WOW! as we continue to discuss curating our own textbook.  I continue to wonder.....

  • Will a Digital resource or really anything technology related change the culture?
  • How do you change the culture of education in your building or district?
  • How can we SHIFT the focus from the teacher to the learner?

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  1. Love this blog and that talk - it is so important for educational leaders to be aware of the technological presence of their teachings, and use it to their advantage. You may be interested in checking out the article below which focuses on new ways to use iPads in the classroom environment.